SG Transaction Solutions

Your Personal Real Estate Transaction Coordinating Team


That's easy.... because we save you time, so you can do what you are supposed to; which is prospect and lead generate for new business and create relationships, so you sell more real estate.

The boring, annoying, time sucking, tedious yet very needed paperwork that goes along with every real estate transaction can cost you upward of 20 hours or more on each transaction.

SG Transaction Solutions gives you that time back, so you are free to reach more clients and sell more homes.

The hours you save is just the beginning...

Since we handle your paperwork from the moment is is executed, we handle the routine tasks such as scheduling inspections, ordering title, monitoring deadlines, and more that we help free your mind from worrying about these tedious tasks.

You can rest easy, knowing that what needs to get done... will be done. And your files will be handled in accordance to the contract and addendums.  We help alleviate those mental to-do lists.

You will find how freeing having peace of mind is...

With SG Transaction Solutions on your team, you will be able to forget that "to-do" list, knowing the routine tasks will be completed on time and if their is something you need to do, you will be reminded and ahead of time.

Should you have a question, we're available in the office Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.  However, because we are a team, IF on the occassion there are issues with a transaction and we need to help after hours or on the weekend , we will do what needs to be done.  We are here to get the file closed for you and your client.

As your Transaction Coordinator...

Our Only Job is to Make Your Easier!

We focus on correct, complete and on-time preparation of your necessary paperwork. Period.

Our Team, your partners are just a click away.
A transaction team simplifies communications, keeps you organized, and provides priceless peace of mind.

We are your Key to a successful closing.

With more time, less paper. and flawless preparation, you'll wonder how you lived without us.

Office: 561-877-1160