On behalf of the agent, the coordinator will do the following
*Collect new listing agreement, addendums, seller’s property disclosure, etc
*If additional info, initials or signatures needed, we will get from seller(s)
*Collect MLS listing input form
*Will review docs for office requirements/compliance
*Submit file to agent’s office/market center
*Order agent/brokerage sign to be delivered (agent to provide sign company info)
*Follow up that sign has been installed
*Order photos and/or photo tour (agent to provide photographer info)
*Enter listing into MLS (agent provide description or we will do a basic description

  off of photos and basic info)
*Follow up with photographer for photos/tour
*Upload photos into MLS (in order specified or in order of telling story of property)
*Upload tour into MLS
*Make any changes Agent/Seller requests in MLS to initial entry within 72 hours
*Set up Showing Instructions with Showing Desk (or other company provided by

*If requested, we'll send a copy of all executed docs to the seller via mail or


​​​​Transaction Coordinating Fees:

   ONLY SELLER SIDE                    $395.00

   ONLY BUYER SIDE                     $395.00

   BOTH SELLER & BUYER            $500.00



On behalf of the agent, the coordinator will do the following​​

*Introduction phone call and email
*Review contract for compliance office requirements
*Submit file to agent’s office/market center (including submitting green sheets)
*All parties to the contract communicate directly with coordinator
*Manage & communicate all due dates in the contract
*Notifying all parties with reminder of upcoming due dates via phone call and/or email
*Follow up with all parties throughout the process

*Weekly update reports via email
*Confirm loan application has been made
*Call Mortgage Company for status updates
*Follow up on loan commitment letter from lender
*Confirm escrow deposit(s) have been made and collect documentation of proof
*Confirm that buyer applies to HOA or condo association
*Arrange for HOA/Condo docs delivered to buyer and confirm buyers receipt
*Confirm association approval
*Schedule home inspections coordinating with all parties
*Confirm access and utilities are on for inspection
*Inspection results provided to the appropriate parties
*If instructed, *initial negotiation for repair or credit
*If instructed, prepare addendum for inspection repair/credit
*Coordinate repair estimates
*Coordinate repair contractors
*Schedule appraisal

*If instructed, *initial negotiation for price adjustment
*Prepare addendum as needed or instructed
*Follow-up on any additional addendum(s) to contract
*Order title services
*Send contract, addendums and any other required docs to title
*Provide preliminary title report to buyer’s agent
*Confirm clear title and report to all parties
*If required, assist buyer with acquiring home insurance
*Verify home insurance acquired
*Schedule a closing time and location, that is good for all parties
*Advise all parties via phone call of closing scheduled
*Will provide directions and list of things buyer/seller to bring to    closing
*Schedule final walk thru arrangements
*Review the closing statement from title prior to closing
*Send the distribution authorization to title
*Provide utility information to buyers/sellers to transfer applicable utilities
*Coordinate transfer of service contracts
*Provide additional vendor referrals as needed

*Coordinate cleaning service upon request
*Maintain a file with all documentation and communications, and can provide a  

  digital copy if requested
*Make sure you, the agent are paid timely

What will SG Transaction Solutions do for you?

We will coordinate and manage your residential or commercial real estate file from the execution of the purchase and sale agreement all the way through the closing.

Additionally, we offer limited listing services. We will help you get your listing set up once you have an executed listing agreement.


​   SET UP LISTING      $100.00​


**Some things are complicated in the world of real estate...  Our NO FEE GUARANTEE is NOT one of those things.

It is SIMPLE... Should your transaction fail to close for any reason at all, you do NOT pay us a fee.  You owe us nothing,

We also GUARANTEE that we will be diligent and keep your paperwork timelines on track, that any impediments to the closing will never be due to a paperwork oversight on your part of the transaction.

Office: 561-877-1160

SG Transaction Solutions

Your Personal Real Estate Transaction Coordinating Team